FizzBuzz is a famous interview test given to incoming developers, to make sure they can at least kindofsortof program.  It asks the candidate to write a program that will print out the numbers 1 – 100 inclusively – except for multiples of 3 print “Fizz”, for multiples of 5 print “Buzz”, and for multiples of both print “FizzBuzz”.


Get it? Fizz and Buzz? Eh.

I was introduced to this via my Skillcrush class for Ruby – so I wrote my first FizzBuzz test in Ruby.

Now that I’m (re-) working my way through vanilla JavaScript, I decided to give it a go in this language as well.  And it only took me about 2 minutes!  Which is great, I think the first one took me 20.

Now, whenever I’m bored or find myself with some idle time, I write a quick FizzBuzz program just to keep it sharp.

Here’s what I got for the FizzBuzz tests in both Javascript and Ruby – I hope someone finds it useful.  Did you solve it differently? Post your answers in the comments below.

Javascript FizzBuzz Solution:

for (i = 1; i<=100; i++){
     if ((i % 3 === 0) && (i % 5 === 0)){
     else if (i % 3 === 0){
     else if (i % 5 === 0){
     else {

Ruby FizzBuzz Solution

(1..100).each do |i|
  	if (i % 15 === 0)
    		puts "FizzBuzz"
  	elsif (i % 3 === 0)
    		puts "Fizz"
  	elsif (i % 5 === 0)
    		puts "Buzz"
   		puts i

See? Not too hard! Keep in mind there are multiple ways to do each one.

Best of luck FizzBuzzing!